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As a token of our appreciation, we’ll give you $9 off every $99 you spend. We’ll also give you complimentary birthday dishes, special events info, early access to new menu items, and much more.



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Rewards faq

You have questions, we have (most) answers. Technical questions and feedback can be submitted directly in the app. You can also send an email to our VG Rewards Team.

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How do I get the app?

Download from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

I have the old Veggie Grill iOS app - can I still use it?

The VG Rewards app v3.0 was released on April 2, 2018 and replaces previous versions of the Veggie Grill Rewards app. To continue to earn rewards, get member offers, and place mobile orders, you’ll need to upgrade to the new VG Rewards app and login with your Rewards email. You will be able to create a new password.

Can I still use my Veggie Grill Android app?

Yes! Just make sure you’re on version 2.0.3 or later.

Where can I find my member offers?

From the app home screen, tap on Inbox to see your exclusive offers. You can also find them by tapping Rewards > Redeem.

How do I earn Rewards when I'm in-store?

If you’re paying in-store, simply tap Rewards > Earn from the app’s home screen and scan your QR code at the register.

Where do I scan my receipt?

If you forget to scan at the register, you can scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt. Just go to the Rewards tab, and tap Earn > Scan Barcode.

Am I able to share the app and refer friends?

Yes, you can invite new users to the VG Rewards app by clicking Invite Friends in the menu. You can then share your unique invite code with friends through SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Once your friend referral places an order through the app (must be at least a $10 minimum), you will receive a $5 referral credit.

Are nutritionals available in the app?

Yes, you can access our nutrition portal in the menu.

Why does the Veggie Grill app need access to my phone's location and camera?

The app uses your phone’s Location Services and Camera for your mobile orders and crediting your rewards account. it only uses them when you’re using the app, and you can control access in your iOS device by going to Settings > Privacy Settings, and in your Android device by going to Settings > Apps.

Why does the Veggie Grill app want to send me notifications?

The app occasionally uses notifications to let you know about important stuff — when orders are ready, if you have Rewards and special offers waiting, and more. We are careful to only notify you of important and time-sensitive things, because we respect you and your phone.

Why does the Veggie Grill app want access to my device ID?

The permission is required to uniquely identify the devices. The unique ID is used to display device information for help or service requests in the Need Help section. This permission is to be given just one and then can be turned off by the user. The app does not use the user’s phone number, cellular network information, status of outgoing calls, etc.

How do I earn rewards?

You get a $9 reward for every $99 you spend when you order or pay through the app. You can use your rewards whenever you want. There are three ways to earn Rewards in the app: mobile ordering, at the register, or by scanning your receipt. When placing a mobile order, you’ll automatically earn credit toward your next Reward. If you’re paying in-store, simply tap Rewards > Earn from the app’s home screen and scan your QR code at the register.

How do I redeem rewards?

You’ll earn a $9 Reward for every $99 you spend at Veggie Grill, plus other exclusive discounts and offers for being a VG Rewards member. The app home screen tracks your progress and lets you know when you have a Reward to use. Simply tap Rewards > Redeem from the home screen to use your Reward and see your offers. Rewards and offers cannot be combined with other rewards and/or offers.

I am already a VG Rewards member - what happened to my old Rewards?

If you had a valid earned Reward in your account prior to April 2, 2018, it will still be there. Simply download the VG Rewards app and login with your account information. Rewards do not expire however marketing offers do. Due to security measures, we are unable to combine points and/or progress from duplicate accounts of the old Veggie Grill Rewards app.

Does my delivery order (through Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash, etc) allow me to earn Rewards?

Orders placed through 3rd parties are excluded from earning and redeeming rewards.

How do I use mobile order?

Tap the Order icon and select your store to view menu items. Once you’ve built your order you can place it right away, or schedule it for pick-up later. If you have any Rewards on your account, you can redeem them or save them for later. To pay, simply select a saved payment method (debit, credit, or gift card) or add a new one.

Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

No, we have a strict cancelation policy for mobile orders and do not issue refunds for orders placed through the app.

How long is the Veggie Grill Digital Gift Card Sale offer valid?

You will receive a $10 reward for every $40 digital gift card purchased in the VG Rewards App from 11/9/2020 to 12/31/2020.

Can I use my $10 reward on delivery orders?

No, a $10 reward(s) can only be redeemed when placing a pick-up order through the VG Rewards App, OR, when placing an order by phone and giving your redeemable code to the cashier at the time of pick-up and when you complete your payment transaction.

Do my $10 reward(s) expire?

Yes, any reward received between 11/9/2020 – 12/31/2020 will expire between 1/1/2021 to 3/31/2021. Reward cards received from our Holiday Gift Card promotion do not activate until 1/1/2021.

Can I use my $10 reward on multiple orders?

No, you must use your $10 reward in a single transaction.

Is the $10 reward a gift card?

No, the $10 reward card is not a gift card and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Are there items I cannot purchase with the $10 reward?

Alcohol, catering and gift cards cannot be purchased with the use of any $10 reward. The $10 reward is not valid with any other discounts or offers.

Can I store Veggie Grill gift cards in the app?

Yes! From the home screen, tap Gift Card and select Add Card. You have the option to buy an e-gift card or upload the balance of a physical card. You also have the option to share your gift card balance, as well as transfer a gift card, with other VG app users.

How do I use my gift card to pay?

You can use gift cards stored in the app to pay for in-store purchases. To use, simply tap the gift card in-app and pull up your gift card QR code. Show your gift card QR code to the Team Member and scan at the register. You cannot use gift cards as a payment method for in-app orders.

Do I earn points for gift card purchases?

Points can be earned when redeeming gift cards. Points cannot be earned on the purchase of gift cards.