What you eat matters. And not just to you. The things you choose to put in your body don’t only have an enormous effect on your health, but on the environment, and our collective future. Our founders T.K., Kevin and Ray discovered that back in 2006. They found that they not only felt better physically on a plant-based diet, but felt inspired by their ability to help heal the planet simply through the food they consumed. With a desire to share this sense of empowerment with others, they launched Veggie Grill, now the largest, most influential vegan and vegetarian restaurant company in the U.S.

reuben on rye

Scientific evidence shows that eating a 100% plant-based diet is better for the world. So we’ve made it our mission to put more and more people on the plant-based path. Whether you’re beginning or advancing your plant-based journey, we make it easy to embrace by combining clean, plant-based foods with indulgent, satisfying flavors. You’ll never feel like you’re sacrificing enjoyment for eating healthfully and responsibly–our menu is every bit as pleasing to the taste buds as it is to the planet.

By eating plant-based meals, we can significantly lower the greenhouse gas emissions produced by factory farming that contribute heavily to global warming. We also minimize agricultural land use and save water, both of which are critically important to the health of the Earth and all of us who live on it.

A plant-based diet can also reduce heart-disease, cancer, and other illnesses that are tied to saturated animal fats and cholesterol, ruining lives and bank accounts due to increased healthcare costs.

Of course, a plant-based diet is also more humane in regard to the treatment of animals.

At Veggie Grill, we are committed to providing the best the plant-based world has to offer. Every bite is enjoyable. And every bite is a step in the right direction. So we invite you to join us in becoming part of the plant-based movement. You don’t have to switch to a plant-based diet all at once—even adding a few meals each week would be a great start. So step up and order up. With your help, we can eat our way to a better world.