Thank you for choosing our Summertime Plant-Based BBQ Kit as your way of enjoying the season, whether as a single box for a small family dinner, or several boxes together for a seasonal bash!

The kit includes ingredients to assemble:

  • (2) Impossible Burgers™ with Veggie Grill Special Sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, sliced pickles and brioche buns
  • (2) BBQ Pulled Chickin’ sandwiches &  brioche buns with pickles and roasted jalapeno picnic slaw
  • (2) Sweet & Smokey Field Roast™ hot dogs with housemade chili, spicy mustard and hot dog buns
  • (6) Pieces of corn on the cob with a side of chipotle lime butter
  • Side of smoked potato salad
  • Comprehensive cooking instructions

Here are a few cooking instructions and serving suggestions to help your BBQ be a success:

 Impossible Burgers™ with Special Sauce

  • Works best when handled cold!  Keep refrigerated until ready to cook.
  • Oil and preheat your cooking surface to medium-high heat before cooking.
  • Burger patties cook in just 4 minutes on a grill or in a pan and is juiciest served at medium-rare to medium temperatures.  Cook for 2 minutes each side, or until a thermometer reads 160°f.
  • Made with roasted chiles, special pickles, and a variety of spices, this special sauce will make those burgers explode with flavor.  Layer your brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and cheese to your liking.

BBQ Pulled Chicken

  • Is ready-to-eat! Simply heat up in a pan on your stove or grill to warm through.  We love these on the toasted brioche bun piled on with picnic slaw and dill pickle slices. 

Field Roast™ Smokey Chili Dog

  • Comes pre-cooked!
  • Their sweet and smokey goodness can be enjoyed in just a few minutes time by cooking for 1 minute at a time as you turn it on your grill or pan (about 3-4 minutes total).
  • We serve them on a toasted bun with the 3-bean chili and some Dijon mustard. Feel free to try it with the special sauce too, or a scoop of the picnic slaw.

Corn Cobs with Chili Lime Butter

  • You are going to be so excited about this corn! Keep in the foil or take out and cook directly on the lower temperature part of your grill.
  • After about 6-8 minutes your corn will be cooked.
  • While still warm, spread the chile lime butter over the top of it for a flavor burst that compliments the sweetness of the corn. Chile Lime Butter has a kick!

Potato Salad

  • The smoked potato salad is our unique take on the quintessential picnic side dish.  We are addicted to the sweet, smokey, creamy, crunchy flavor that will keep you coming back for more. READY TO EAT!

From all of us at Veggie Grill- Enjoy your BBQ!  Remember the kits run all summer long from Memorial Day to Labor Day!


How can I order a Plant-Based Summertime BBQ Kit?

Your Plant-Based Summertime BBQ Kit can be ordered:

  • At any Veggie Grill location. Visit our store locator here
  • Via our online ordering site here for pick up in an hour
  • Via our catering ordering site here for pick up in 24 hours or more
  • On third party delivery sites (DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub and Postmates) **Please note that pricing varies on third party delivery sites 

I want to order my kit for same day pick up. Which site should I order from?

If you would like to pick up your kit on the day of, please visit our online ordering site here to place your order. Please note that if you select “ASAP” as your time for pickup, your kit will be ready in an hour.

Should you place regular menu items (such as a VG Classic Burger or the Far East Bowl) in your ordering basket to accompany your BBQ Kit order, all items in your order will be ready in an hour.

Check your email for an email confirmation for your order. Please be prepared to show this email upon pick up of your Plant-Based Summertime BBQ kit.

I am ordering the kit for a party that is in a couple of days. Which site should I order from?

The Plant-Based Summertime BBQ Kit is perfect for your get together! If you are planning ahead (and will not be picking up your kit on the same day), please place your order on our catering online ordering site here.

Select the day and the time that you would like to pick up your order and it’ll be ready for you when that day comes!

Check your email for an email confirmation for your order. Please be prepared to show this email upon pick up of your Plant-Based Summertime BBQ kit.